Dec 10

Big Truck Tacos

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a weird food truck obsession. Hot, cheap, multicultural food that pulls up to a place I’m already at? Yes please! Of course, when I really love a certain cuisine I like to do the restaurant thing too, which is why I’m so happy that my fave Mexican food truck has an “HQ” that doesnt roll away. It gets freezing in the wintertime, and the service is kinda sporadic, but Big Truck Tacos is worth it.
The owner, Chris Lower, ran some of the best restaurants in Edmond and OKC over the years, and one of the women behind the grill was apparently a personal chef in Austin, so they know what they’re doing, and you can taste it in their menu, tacos and burritos but with a Southwestern hipster touch that makes them extra delicious. My favorite is their version of the fish taco, the Okie-Baha, filled with tilapia, jicama-cabbage Cole slaw, and green onions, but when I’m in the mood to eat everything I see I go for the I-40 Pile Up Tostada: choice of meat, rice, refried beans, cheese, pico, guac, and sour cream. Nom nom nom!
They not only do a great breakfast but an amazing rolling brunch, in which case I’m going for the actual green eggs and ham in the Sam I Am (ham and cheese, eggs, guac). I have a pretty dull palate, even with my love of Mexican, so even though my more adventurous friends love the Flaming Lips taco, built around a hickory-smoked cow tongue — and even though I love indie Norman bands like whoa — I haven’t worked my way up to it yet. Don’t even get me started on the 5th Amendment taco (so hot they can’t tell you what’s in it, get it?). I guess that’s gonna have to be my boss level.