Monthly Archive: December 2015

Dec 13

Bricktown Brewery

Yeah, it’s a chain, but it’s a local chain, and I love the fact that there are Bricktown Breweries all over town. Not just because I can get craft beer no matter where I’m hanging out, but I sort of became addicted to the menu, which is like Applebee’s and Chili’s and other huge chain …

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Dec 10

Big Truck Tacos

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a weird food truck obsession. Hot, cheap, multicultural food that pulls up to a place I’m already at? Yes please! Of course, when I really love a certain cuisine I like to do the restaurant thing too, which is why I’m so happy that my fave Mexican …

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Dec 08

Paseo Art District

Two dozen art galleries. Electric car exhibitions. A Canadian Anglican church from the mid-1800s. None of these things were on the mind of Dr. G.A. Nichols when he first laid out the first shopping district north of Oklahoma City, a mix of stucco adobe-like architecture appropriately known as Spanish Village. It was a commercial center …

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Dec 05

OKC Limo Service

I had the absolute pleasure of being the Best Man at my brother’s wedding over the weekend. Now, I have to tell you, the pressure was intense. Not only is he my best friend, he is my little brother and if I had screwed things up, I’d never hear the end of it. Not only …

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Dec 01

Anthem Brewery

Oklahoma beer. What does that phrase suggest to you? Grandpa sipping on a Knickerbocker? Your uncle and his unnatural love of Falstaff? Some lost cowboy with his boots up at a Tulsa bar, having manly tears to the sound of Merle Haggard and quietly nursing a Lone Star? Well, update those ideas. The quiet but …

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